The Need For Skin

Burns in South Africa
“161 children are severely burnt every month in South Africa. Six of these children die due to an inadequate burn care system, and the availability of donor skin is crucial to alleviate suffering and to contribute towards reducing these high mortality rates.” Dr Nikki Allorto. (Specialist Burn Surgeon)

Donor skin:
Creates the best possible outcome for survival in severely burnt patients by:
  • Closing the wound with the best possible substitute other than one’s own skin
  • Alleviates pain and suffering
  • Reduces the possibility of infection and complications
  • Can sometimes improve scarring
  • Reduces the length of time in hospital
  • Saving lives
  • Saves substantial amounts of taxpayers money
A National disaster
In a national disaster such as a runaway fire or terrorist bombing, cadaver skin is necessary to save lives on a large scale. This reserve would be over and above patients requiring skin from hospitals around the country.